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December 31, 2009
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Yu-Gi-Oh Genderbender: Collab2 by JoyKaiba Yu-Gi-Oh Genderbender: Collab2 by JoyKaiba

Alright, I used my other two OC/Canon couples for this. First one at the top we have Trianna Taylor and Micheal Wheeler. They are the genderbent versions of Tristan Taylor and my OC, Michelle Wheeler. I love Trianna's hair! I turned the spike emo! ^^ :heart:

The second couple is Ria Bakura and Hiro Sumizome. These two are the genderbent versions of Ryou Bakura and Hiroko Sumizome, who is ~hyperactive721's character. I think she did a nice job for her first pixel. ^^

The third couple on the top is Alexis Tsukimaru and Yasmine. They are the genderbent versions of ~SoraTenshi94's character Akane Tsukimaru and Yami. I'm in love with their hair as well! :heart:

The fourth couple is Sayuri Nakotsu and Yuu Hisao.

The last couple on the top is Julius Yukoshi and Marie Ishtar. They are the genderbent versions of Marik and =GozenYuji's character Juli. I love Julius' outfit and Marie doesn't look too different, but as I said to Gozen, that's what happens when a guy wears a bellyshirt.

The first couple is Eiji and Yuuki Muto. They are the genderbent versions of Yugi and =Hetherly92's character Eiou. I love Yugi's hair. It's so beautiful, yet still Yugi-ish. Also, they are step-brother and sister. That's why they have the same last name.

Second one on the bottom is Josie Wheeler and Andrew Kaiba. Obviously they are the genderbent versions of Joey Wheeler and my OC, Amber Kaiba. Josie's hair, like Anthony's, is a mix between Amanda's and Joey's. It looks more like Joey's though for a reason. ^^ Andrew's is kind of like Noa's. If someone says, "Hey, that looks like an older version of Noa." I have accomplished what I wanted. ^^

The third couple on the bottom is Yumaji Tomiko and Bakari Ryou. They are the genderbent versions of *semiblonde's character Yamaya and Bakura. I'm in love with Bakari's dress and pigtail. It's just too cute!

The fourth couple on the bottom are Bandit Kelly and Sakuo Kadokawa. They are the genderbent versions of Bandit Keith and ~Lover-Of-Art's character Sakurai Kadokawa. I adore a couple with a character you rarely see and I also adore Kelly's headband/bandanna.

The last couple is Daisuke Eimaru and Hikari Aihara. They are genderbent versions of *Illusionmistress's characters Akane Eimura and Kohji Aihara.

Sorry, all filled!

Top Row
:iconjoykaiba: -> Trianna & Micheal/ Tristan & Michelle
:iconhyperactive721: -> Ria & Hiro/ Ryou & Hiroko
:iconsoratenshi94: -> Alexis & Yasmine/ Akane & Yami
:iconfancoupleanime: -> Sayuri & Yuu/ ???
:icongozenyuji: -> Juli & Marik/ Julius & Marie

Bottom Row
:iconhetherly92: -> Yuuki & Eiji/ Yugi & Eiou
:iconjoykaiba: -> Josie & Andrew/ Joey & Amber
:iconsemiblonde: -> Yumaji & Bakari/Yamaya & Bakura
:iconlover-of-art: -> Bandit Kelly & Sakuo/ Bandit Keith & Sakurai
:iconillusionmistress: -> Daisuke & Hikari/ Akane & Kouji

Amber/Andrew Kaiba, Michelle/Micheal Wheeler, Trianna Taylor, and Josie Wheeler (c) Me!
Hiroko/Hiro Sumizome and Ria Bakura(c) ~hyperactive721
Akane/Alexis Tsukimaru and Yasmine (c) ~SoraTenshi94
Juli/Julius Yukoshi and Marie Ishtar (c) =GozenYuji
Eiou/Eiji Muto and Yuuki Muto (c) =Hetherly92
Yamaya/Yumaji Tomiko and Bakari Ryou (c) *semiblonde
Sakurai/Sakuo Kadokawa and Bandit Kelly (c) ~Lover-Of-Art
Akane/Daisuke Eimaru and Kouji/Hikari Aihara (c) *Illusionmistress
Tristan Taylor, Ryou Bakura, Yami, Marik Ishtar, Yugi Muto, Joey Wheeler, and Bandit Keith (c) Kazuki Takahashi
Original Doll Base (c) ~stephlovesspiders
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KitsuneVixenBoom Sep 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice :thumbsup:. Umm... Which Bakura is Yami Bakura?:confused:
JoyKaiba Oct 18, 2012  Student General Artist
Thanks and I'm actually I'm not sure. Other people did the Bakuras.
HidanGod May 6, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
JoyKaiba May 6, 2010  Student General Artist
Yes, I thought that was great too. ^0^
megarob15 Mar 7, 2010
JoyKaiba Mar 7, 2010  Student General Artist
megarob15 Mar 7, 2010
hyperactive721 Jan 3, 2010
Um, if the second base in the first row isn't taken already, I could try to do it. I just draw one of my genderbent Yu-gi-oh couples in there, right?
JoyKaiba Jan 3, 2010  Student General Artist
Sure thing! And yes, all you have to is draw in one of your genderbent Yu-Gi-Oh couples. ^^
hyperactive721 Jan 3, 2010
Okay! That's great. I'll get it up as soon as possible.
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